It feels good to feel beautiful. For different reasons, men and women choose various methods such as body building, surgery, tattoos or makeup to improve their body image. For thousands of years, the humans of the earth have used a variety of methods to draw attention to the eyes. Today people use eyeliner, mascara, and extensions to enhance the beauty of their eyes. People get lash extensions to increase the curliness, thickness, and fullness of the natural eyelash. Following we discuss the history and eyelash extensions available today.

History of Eyelash Enhancements

For thousands of years, people have been drawn to the eye. Makeup used to enhance the eye has fluctuated throughout the ages. Focus on the eyelashes themselves began as early as 1879 when in The National Encyclopedia of Business and Social Forms James D McCabe advised that eyelashes could be lengthened by cutting the ends with a pair of scissors. Through the late 1800’s many recommended this technique to help them grow. By 1882, the Parisians sewed hair into the eyelids to extend eyelashes.

In 1902, Karl Nessler of the United Kingdom, invented and started selling the first weavable eyelash extensions. These extensions grew in popularity, allowing Karl to grow his business. Anne Taylor filed the first patent on the American continent in 1911. Her design included a piece of fabric with tiny pieces of hair woven to the fabric. They became more popular as movie stars began getting them to enhance their eyes. By the 1930s techniques improved making them become more accessible and fashionable. Eyelash extensions saw another boom in the 1960’s as techniques improved and they became more culturally desirable.

Types of Extensions

There are two classes of enhancement options: Fake Eyelashes and Eyelash Extensions. In both cases, the lashes can be made from a variety of materials including synthetic, human or horse hair and mink. While made the same, the process of application is different.

Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are temporary lashes, applied daily. Consumers choose from a variety of lashes which attach either to the eyelid or lashes. For years, the only option was to attach the lashes to the eyelid with glue. Magnetic eyelashes were developed in 2014, and attach to the lashes themselves. There are pros and cons to both type of eyelash.

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Glue-on eyelashes come in two basic styles: strip, and individual flare lashes. Consumers attach strip lashes directly to the eyelid. Individual flare lashes are applied individually. They come in three different lengths. This allows for a variety of fullness and looks. While glue-on has been the trend for many years, they are not perfect. Applying the glue can be messy. It takes time to learn how to properly attach them to the eyelids. However, many believe they look more real than magnetic lashes.

Magnetic lashes attach to the eyelashes using a magnet. To apply, one attaches a layer of lashes above and another layer below the natural eyelashes. This sandwiches the natural eyelashes between the false eyelashes. Because of the dual layer, magnetic lashes look more luscious than the glue-ons. However, the same effect can be made with glue-on lashes by adding a second layer.

Many people like magnetic lashes over glue-on for a variety of reasons. For one, you don’t have to deal with the messy glue. And if when you mess up, you simply take them off and try again. They also come right off without any mess or clean up required. Despite these benefits, magnetic lashes can be difficult to line up right. They require a lot of patience to attach. As a result, they often take longer to apply than glue-on lashes. The eyes also must remain open when attaching. Some find this problematic as they tend to blink when they bring something close to their eyes. Many feel that magnetic lashes look more fake than other false eyelashes. Also, because of the weight of the magnets, when used often, magnetic lashes can cause natural lashes to fall out. Even though they may pull eyelashes out, many believe them to be safer than glue-on lashes because the chemicals from the glue may damage the skin.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are attached to the eyelashes in a more permanent manner. A technician glues each eyelash individually directly to a natural eyelash. Because of the tedious nature of the work, this process can take between one to three hours to complete. This depends on the client’s number of natural eyelashes as well as the technician’s experience. They last as long as the natural lashes stay in. Our eyelashes replenish themselves monthly. As this occurs a few lashes at a time, technicians recommend a “fill-in” appointment every few weeks to maintain the optimal full effect.

Eyelash Extensions at Polished Nails, Skin, Body Spa

Extensions cost more than false eyelashes. They also require more care, brushing with proper tools to make them last longer. They fall out more easily if you have a tendency to rub your eyes. On the plus side, many report that they save 20 to 30 minutes every morning applying makeup. They find that they just don’t need to apply eye makeup. With extensions, you can also customize fuller, longer or more curl to your lashes. As permanent lashes, you save time applying and removing them every day. And they look amazing!

Whether you want fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions, there are several products available in the market. In many states, the technician applying extensions must be certified and licensed. Because of the skill and extensive effort to attach eyelash extensions, seek a professional technician who has the best training to safely apply the lashes. For a quality experience contact the expert technicians at Polished. Polished is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.